Olde Thompson Wins Redzone Productivity Award

LAS VEGAS, September 2019 – Olde Thompson LLC has been awarded Winner of the Redzone Production Systems 2018-2019 Productivity Award.  Olde Thompson achieved the greatest productivity improvement of all Redzone Community Users in 2018-2019! The Olde Thompson team in partnership with The Kainos Operations Team leveraged the Redzone technology to drive this improvement, resulting in increased productivity, increased capacity, inventory reduction and improved customer service. Congratulations to everyone at Olde Thompson on a well-deserved award!

Redzone Production Systems is a technology focused on delivering continuous improvement, with the goal of improving productivity and food safety. Built specifically for food and beverage and CPG, the Redzone technology provides real time, plant wide visibility into key metrics such as OEE with integrated food safety and quality management.