Heritage Brands

Branded manufacturer of Campfire marshmallows and Angela Marie’s rice crispies

Heritage Brands’ fun loving brands included Campfire marshmallows, one of the most popular premium marshmallow brands, and Angela Marie’s delicate rice crispies.  These tasty snacks are sold in grocery, mass and club stores across the U.S.

The Value Creation Opportunity

In 1994, the Kainos team saw an opportunity to establish a new branded platform to acquire orphan grocery brands. Thus, we created Heritage Brands through the acquisition of Campfire Marshmallows, the second leading and oldest marshmallow brand in the U.S. The goal was to expand the geographic base of these predominantly regional brands and broaden their channel penetration. The team also saw an opportunity to introduce complementary products, mainly under the Campfire brand. We believed that other orphan brands would be sold by the larger food companies and that Heritage Brands could acquire and manage those brands better with a dedicated management team and coordinated sales and marketing efforts.

Change Capital At Work

After solidifying ownership of the Campfire Marshmallows brand to create Heritage Brands, the Company acquired Angela Marie’s, a maker of crispy marshmallow goodies, which helped the Company expand its marshmallow platform. The product innovation team then had a platform with which it could develop, new complementary products, including a Campfire rice crispie cookie, s’mores cookie and marshmallow cream.  The Kainos team helped Heritage Brands reach under-represented marketplaces and expand distribution of the marshmallow treats to convenience stores, mass merchants and warehouse clubs. We also increased the Company’s manufacturing capacity to facilitate product line expansion and also reduce per unit manufacturing costs.

In 1996, Heritage Brands, was sold to International Home Foods and integrated into its snacking platform.