Kainos Capital Hosts Annual Sales and CFO Summits

Dallas, TX, August 2019 – Kainos Capital hosted its Fourth Annual Sales Summit and its Inaugural CFO Summit in Dallas, Texas with leaders from the Kainos portfolio companies and members of the Kainos team. The two-day summits create opportunities to share best practices and build on the outstanding network of industry leaders within the Kainos partner companies.

Subject matter experts were brought in to lead sessions on topics pertinent to each functional area.  Sales leaders discussed topics including evolving consumer trends, merchandising, performance tracking, talent optimization, and effective use of syndicated data. CFO discussion topics included cybersecurity, acquisition integration, tracking and utilization of key performance indicators, accounting standards and ESG.

Kevin Elliott, Partner at Kainos Capital, said “These knowledge share summits highlight the advantages of being a sector focused firm, bringing together executives that have a wealth of experience, expertise and relationships in the consumer space that can be leveraged across our portfolio.  Additionally, these summits reinforce the benefits of transparent communication among all of Kainos’ portfolio companies.”

Steve Row, CFO of Kainos portfolio company Olde Thompson, said “Having worked in both public and private equity backed companies, I have never had access to such a relevant and valuable group of similarly situated executives as I had at the Kainos CFO Summit.  The degree of interaction with partners and industry experienced executives that are subject matter experts is fairly unique in my view. The opportunities and challenges facing growing middle market food & consumer businesses tend to be fairly common. We are able to draw from the successes and learnings of other Kainos portfolio companies and find our way to solutions more efficiently than any of us could on our own.”

About Kainos Capital:

Kainos Capital is a middle market private equity firm with an exclusive focus on the food and consumer products sectors. The Kainos team has extensive investment and operating experience in the industry, having invested approximately $2 billion of equity in more than 70 transactions with a total transaction value of approximately $10 billion. The firm’s strategy is to build a diversified portfolio of growing and strategically relevant food and consumer businesses that trade buyers would like to acquire. For more information, visit Kainos Capital’s website at www.kainoscapital.com.