JTM Foods

Manufacturer of private label and branded snack pies and crispy treats 

As a trusted source for high-quality snack pies and sweet treats, JTM Foods makes its products fresh every day using homemade dough and real fruit fillings based on classic recipes.  JTM Foods sells its handheld pies under the JJ’s Bakery brand, in addition to an array of private label snack pies and crispy treats, distributing to grocery, convenience, value, dollar and mass retailers across the country. The company also co-manufactures products for leading branded food companies throughout North America.

The Value Creation Opportunity

The Kainos team was introduced to the JTM Foods opportunity as the management team was seeking a partner to invest in and expand the business. The Kainos team had strong industry relationships with many of JTM Foods’ customers, particularly with key retailers in the convenience store and mass categories. Kainos saw an opportunity for new product innovation as the hand-held pie category had not had much in the way of new product development for many years. JTM Foods was a well-positioned category leader where we could add value and the investment fit squarely into many Kainos investment themes, including our search for products that provide consumers convenience and value.

Change Capital At Work

When Kainos partnered with JTM Foods, we made substantial changes to the leadership team including recruiting a CEO, a CFO, a new Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, several new sales professionals and new plant operating leadership. With the aid of the Kainos Operations team, JTM implanted several high ROI capital investments to increase efficiency and capacity, installed a new ERP system and drove significant operating efficiencies in the areas of waste, line efficiency,  production planning, and supply chain management/procurement. We also leveraged several Kainos customer relationships to drive volume while gaining distribution more broadly and in-store merchandising support within the grocery and convenience store channels. Finally, Kainos spearheaded several new product development initiatives including a 1 oz. pie and several new pie flavors and formats. In 2021, JTM Foods was sold.